Ways To Lighten Up Your Bathroom

1. Use bright colours.

You would be surprised what a nice white can do for your bathroom it terms of brightening it up or go crazy and splash on some pinks and yellows. Whatever you’re into, the brighter the colour, the brighter your bathroom.

2. Skylights.

Installing a skylight is a great way to get more natural light into your bathroom. There was a time where skylights were ugly and once dirty, didn’t let as much light in as you would like. Now that companies such as velux are innovating in natural light, we have some beautiful options that can be the main feature of a bathroom.

3. Mirrors.

Mirrors can be a beautiful way to create light into your bathroom through reflection. If you have the room for a wall length mirror above your vanity, go for it! Or if you can handle a floor to ceiling sized mirror, it’s certainly going some add some stunning light to your bathroom.

4. Gloss tiles.

Using a gloss tile can give your bathroom that extra spark that it needs. Steering clear of a tile with a matte finish and using a bright tile is a smarter option for a bathroom with limited natural light. Choosing a lighter colour will also help in brightening up your bathroom.

5. Be smart with lighting.

Saving energy is a great thing to do, but if one light with low wattage isn’t giving you enough light to have a shower at night, you might want to look at installing some downlights throughout your bathroom. One light in the centre of your bathroom was fine 30 years ago with high wattage globes, but now we need to search for more environmentally friendly options.

6. Wallpaper.

A funky wallpaper can give your bathroom the colour injection that it needs. Wallpapers can be purchased cheaply and installed relatively easily, if you have some time and patience. Choose a wallpaper with some texture to give your bathroom that extra wow factor.

Head to www.dulux.com.au to find some beautiful colours to lighten up your bathroom.