How To Stain Your Deck Like An Expert


The preparation that you require for your deck will be different depending on how old or new your deck is. You can start by replacing any loose nails or imperfections within the timber, try and get the surface back to its original timber look. For this, you will need an electric sander if possible or some sand paper will do if you feel like making a day of it. Once sanded, wash the deck back with a wood cleaner that you can find at any good hardware store, then clean thoroughly with water and leave it to dry for 3 days. Make sure you apply painters tape to areas around the deck to avoid walls, doors or other flooring from getting any splash.

Choose your stain wisely.

First of all, you probably want to stay away from the cheap stuff, it can turn out to be more of a nightmare than you bargained for and it generally doesn’t cover as much ground as the better brands do. If you require more than one can, ensure that you mix all of the cans of the varnish to give you the perfect colour throughout your deck.


Start by cutting in the edges with a paint brush, this will be the hardest part of applying the stain but as long as you have done your prep correctly, it should be a breeze. For the main deck you should use a lambs wool applicator along with a paint tray. Give yourself a generous dip without going overboard and blend it in to the rest of the deck as you go, remembering not to paint yourself into a corner. Make sure to give your deck 24-48 hours rest depending onthe temperature from foot traffic and you’re good to go.