Easy Tips To Keep Your House Warm

1. Use heavy curtains.

Up to 40% of the heat in your home escapes through uncovered windows. Using heavy curtains that cover the entire window frame is a major factor in keeping that heat in. Layers are key when choosing the right curtains, a single layer curtain for example, will not keep much of the heat inside your home on those cold days.

2. Insulate your house.

A well insulated house can save you up to 45% in heating and cooling costs. If you are renovating or building new, a high quality insulation will save you thousands in the long run. Using a insulated blanket underneath your roofing and a high quality insulation in both your walls and ceiling is well worth the initial cost.

3. Seal the gaps.

In the average Australian home, if you added up all of the gaps in your home, it would equate to leaving a window open the entire time about the size of 1.5 sqm. Whether it’s using gap filler to fill in those gaps or cracks, or something as simple as using a door snake at the bottom of your front door, all of those gaps add up.

4.Close rooms off.

As simple as it sounds, many people try to heat the entire house during the day when most of the rooms aren’t being used. Closing doors off and heating the rooms that you are using will save on your heating bill.

5. Get your heaters serviced.

Getting your heaters serviced regularly is not only good for your safety but also for the efficiency of your heating system. It’s a good idea have have your gas heating serviced every 2 years by a gas plumber.