Block Out Your Noisy Neighbours With A Beautiful Hedge

1. Pittosporum Tenuifolims

These guys are very tough and can thrive in the most Australian gardens. There are a number of varieties which have smaller leaves that include silver sheen, green pillar, tasman ruffles and james stirling. As all of these have a slightly different look and colour, you might choose to use multiple varieties for a different look or just one for the hedge to remain uniform throughout. The pittosporum will grow from 3 to five metres tall.

2. Lilly Pilly

The lilly pilly has been a popular choice in Australian backyards for decades. This is one of the faster growing plants used for hedging and can grow up to 5 metres tall reasonably quickly. The lilly pilly will also produce a beautiful pink berry which can be used in jams. It is a plant that prefers cooler conditions over a tropical climate.

3. Photinia Robusta

The photinia robusta is a very hardy plant and will grow anywhere in Australia. It has a very large leaf compared to other hedging plants and can be a great choice when trying to block out neighbours. This plant has a beautiful red growth and will grow to 5 metres tall.

4. Little Gem Magnolia

Little gem magnolia is a popular option that grows well throughout Australia. This plant has lovely green glossy leaves with a pretty white flower and grows as high as 4 metres tall and 2.5 metres wide. As long as it’s planted in well drained soil in full sun or full shade, your little gem magnolia will thrive.