7 Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom On A Budget

Bathroom renovations do not always require you to have a lot of money. There are ways you can effectively renovate your bathroom while on a budget. It just involves having a little creativity and imagination on your part. There is no sense in paying $20,000 to $30,000 for a bathroom renovation when you can spend $2,000 and get great results too.

To help you get started, let’s discuss 7 ways that you can renovate your bathroom on a budget.

1. Paint.

The easiest and cheapest way to renovate a bathroom is to give it a new paint colour. You may want pink, blue, or some interesting colour to give it more appeal. You could even mix colours and have different sides of the room painted in different colours. Just go crazy and have fun.

2. Imperfect Countertops.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a granite countertop for the basin. Some granite countertops are sold with visible imperfections on them for cheaper prices. Since the basin takes up most of the room anyway, these imperfections will hardly be noticeable. And, you can save money too.

3. Use Fewer Tiles.

People think they need to place tiles all over their bathroom walls. They are only really necessary around the bathtub and shower because of the water. The rest of the bathroom walls can simply be painted.

4. Cleaning.

Yes, something as simple as cleaning your bathroom can make it shine like new. Do you notice a lot of grime and stains on your walls, toilet, faucet, shower, and anywhere else? Well then, go clean away these nasty things and make everything sparkle in your bathroom.

5. Refinish Your Shower And Bath.

Some people assume that renovating a bathroom means replacing their shower and bathtub. To save money, you can just refinish the shower and bathtub instead of replacing them. This is easy to do yourself if the material is fiberglass, porcelain, or cast iron. A refinishing kit shouldn’t cost you more than $200.

6. Replace The Fixtures.

There are small fixtures in the bathroom that you can cheaply replace, such as the towel rack, toilet paper rack, faucet, and light fixtures. Go with a new design for these things and it will do a lot to spice up the look of your bathroom.

7. New Mirrors.

One cheap way to renovate your walls is to cover them up with more mirrors. After all, bathrooms are supposed to be a place where you can look at yourself, right? Make it easier by adding more mirrors.