7 Ways to make your home more calming

1. Find a scent.
Get yourself some calming lavender oil and use a diffuser to help keep the scent flowing. Find a candle that you love make a ritual out of lighting it. You’ll start to associate it with your wind down time. Light it an hour before bed to help you destress.

2. Get a plant.
Buying flowers every few days is costly and something most of us can avoid doing in our busy lives. Why not invest in a succulent and put it somewhere you can see it. Not only is it nice to look at, but it gives you a little bit of responsibility that helps you stay invested in your home.

3. Hide wires.
We have so many tech accessories that our power outlets often look like a giant mass of snakey wires. Find ways to conceal them by tucking them behind furniture or consolidating with a power strip. It should be a piece of cake to plug in your phone in your room. You should have to move things around constantly — that’s stressful.

4. De-clutter.
Take out a trash bag and go through every single drawer and shelf and corner. Get rid of random crumpled papers and sizing tags empty water bottles and broken pens. These things belong in the trash, and there’s no reason for them to be taking up space in your storage system. You’ll instantly start to feel calmer when you start to consolidate and declutter.

5. Clean.
Dust, mop, vacuum, and wipe down the windows. Really treat your home to a proper deep clean. The more work you put into cleaning your home, the more you’ll feel connected to it. Cleaning is a way to show your respect and kick off your healthy relationship with it.

6. Colour code.
Did you know that certain colors are calming while others are energizing and stressful? Cool colours like blue and grey and white can be calming on the mood, while brighter colors like orange, red and green can be more stimulating. You might want to consider a fresh coat of paint if your walls are dingy and you’re at odds with them. A new color might change your life.

7. Positive vibes.
Once you gain awareness of the memories that make up your home, notice those items that bring a smile to your face. Begin to add items from fun excursions that will remind you of good times and uplifting people. These items will give you a boost and nurture and inspire you as you move through your home and life.