6 Stylish Bedroom Ideas

1. Paint it light.

White is an expansive and good choice for a bedroom. It keeps the bedroom from looking small or busy. Using lighter colours combats the absence of large wall
space or windows to lighten up the space.

To keep a small bedroom from looking cold, you could layer your whites with different textures.

2. Add storage under your bed.

If you are in the market for a new bed, try and get a bed frame with built in draws for extra storage space. If you have an existing bed with space below, you could buy an under bed draw or even build some draws to fit perfectly.

3 Use Wallpaper.

Adding wallpaper to the headboard wall can be a great focal point for the bedroom. Wallpaper tends to get a bad rap for making rooms look small and cluttered but the right wallpaper choice can do just the opposite. Don’t forget to style your wallpaper to a design that works in well with most of your bedding or style.

4. Create a niche.

Creating a niche above the bed wall to create a beautiful spot for some stunning design pieces or pictures of your family can give your bedroom some personality. Creating a niche can be done quite easily as long as there is no water or electricity lines running through the cavity.

5. Floating shelves.

Floating shelves can be a similar and easier way to give your bedroom some style an add to your design space. Natural timber looks beautiful when used as floating shelves or as an alternative you could paint them to fit in with your bedroom design.

6. Mirrors.

Using beautiful mirrors can add natural light through reflection, positioning the mirror toward a window can can contribute to even more natural light for darker rooms. The easiest way to incorporate a mirror is to get a full length mirror and lean it against the wall.