7 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting

1. Not preparing correctly.

Lack of preparation is usually the biggest difference between professional painters and a DIY project. Homeowners are usually excited to start painting and see what their new colour looks like on their walls. But keep in mind that professional painters spend most of their time on preparation. Make sure that you fill any cracks, apply painters tape correctly, cleaned the walls and done all of small but important parts first.

2. Buying cheap brushes and rollers.

Cheap brushes and rollers will never give you that perfect result that you are looking for. Buying high quality brushes and rollers will save you paint in the long run and give you a much better result.

3. Using a flat paint in high traffic areas.

Washable satin or semi gloss are a better choice for rough places like closets and laundry rooms, but you can also choose a durable premium matte finish to give you that perfect look.

4. Painting over gloss before sanding.

New paint needs something to adhere to, so make sure to sand any gloss back and rinse lightly with some water.

5. Starting from the bottom.

Always start at your ceiling and work your way down to give yourself the best finish.

6. Going to deep with your brushes.

Only dip your brushes one third of the way into the paint, this way you will get enough paint on your brush and not push too much paint up into the bristles, making your brushes rather hard to clean.

7. Not cleaning up.

You have the best paint and high quality brushes but you are exhausted after a big day painting. Protect your investment by washing your brushes and rollers with water and detergent and wrap them in plasting to keep the in good condition for next time.